Larry F. Wolff MS, PhD, DDS



Office Address

17-164 Moos Tower
515 Delaware St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
United States


Professor, Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences


PhD, Northwestern University Medical and Dental School (Thesis: Studies on a bactericidal substance produced by Group A Streptococci), 1974
MS, Minnesota State University (Thesis: The radiation resistance of Micrococcus radiodurans), 1971
BA, Minnesota State University, 1970
Certificate, New York University Dental Center (Periodontics), 1980; DDS, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry (Dentistry), 1978

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Dr. Larry Wolff is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. He received his PhD in Microbiology at Northwestern University, his DDS degree from the University of Minnesota and his certificate in Periodontics from New York University Dental Center. Dr. Wolff has been a full-time faculty member at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry since 1980 and currently is a Professor in the Department of Developmental and Surgical Sciences. He has lectured extensively at the National and International levels in areas related to the use of antimicrobial agents as adjuncts to periodontal therapy and systemic conditions as related to periodontal disease. Dr. Wolff has numerous publications on topics surrounding the microbiology of periodontal disease and scientific investigations related to the clinical use of antimicrobials as adjuncts to periodontal treatment in dentistry and periodontics. Recently, Dr. Wolff has published extensively in the area of periodontal regeneration and tissue engineering.

Awards & Recognition

  • Distinguished University Teaching Professor Award (In recognition of excellence in instruction, advising, and mentoring of graduate and professional students) 2018/2019
  • Faculty of the Year Award (Outstanding Didactic Teaching in the School of Dentistry/University of Minnesota from the class of 2016) 2015
  • Didactic Faculty of the Year Award (Recognition of outstanding teaching in the School of Dentistry/University of Minnesota from the class of 2015) 2014


Research Summary/Interests

Dr. Wolff teaches and pursues research interests in the field of periodontology. His basic research interest focuses on the bacterial etiology of periodontal diseases, new diagnostic techniques to identify bacteria in plaque, the role of cytokines on the periodontal disease process, and the expression of virulence factors by periodontopathic bacteria and the host response to those virulence factors. On the clinical side, he's currently pursuing studies of antimicrobial therapy for the treatment of periodontal disease and is also exploring the relationship between periodontal disease and a variety of systemic conditions, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. In the area of antimicrobial therapy, Dr. Wolff studies the role of local delivery of antimicrobial therapy and systemic antibiotics as adjuncts in treating periodontal disease. Other areas of current research interest include the effect of smoking on periodontal disease and as a risk factor for progressive periodontitis, subgingival temperature as a diagnostic aid, and the effect of sonic toothbrushes in reducing plaque and gingival inflammation around implants. More recently, Dr. Wolff has pursued interest surrounding tissue regeneration and growth factors as related to regeneration of the periodontium.


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