Our Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Team

The faculty of the University of Minnesota Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery clinic provides evaluation and treatment by leaders in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. This care is provided with the help of residents who are dentists pursuing advanced training in the specialty.

Robert A. Nadeau, DDS, MD

Division and Residency Director for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Rachel Uppgaard, DDS

Clinical Associate Professor

Clinic Manager

Ashley Boege, BSHCM, LDA

Adjunct Faculty

  • Dr. Tudor Stiharu, FRCD
  • Dr. Levi Zarbano
  • Dr. Angie Rake
  • Dr. Scott Rake
  • Dr. Christopher Koehn
  • Dr. Christopher Rivers
  • Dr. Donald Primley


  • Dr. H Afwerke Lynch, Chief resident
  • Dr. T. Smith, Chief resident
  • Dr. J. Tepper, Chief resident
  • Dr. E. Hu, 3rd year resident
  • Dr. M. Ash, 3rd year resident
  • Dr. V. Chau, 3rd year resident
  • Dr. S. McGowan, 3rd year resident
  • Dr. M. Salous, 3rd year resident
  • Dr. O. Bechtel, 2nd year resident 
  • Dr. A. Johnson, 2nd year resident
  • Dr. F. Proulx 2nd year resident
  • Dr. G. Noesen 1st year resident
  • Dr. B. Robbins 1st year resident
  • Dr. B. Hadfield 1st year resident

Non-Categorical Faculty

  • Dr. N. Owusu
  • Dr. T. Nguyen

Dental Assistants

  • Anita C, LDA
  • Dawn L, LDA
  • Laura H, LDA
  • Taylor H, LDA
  • Hlena T, LDA

Billing Personnel

  • Sierra B 
  • Kelsi H
  • Tanya D
  • Mandi H
  • Mishah H

Implant Coordinator

  • Dan J

Treatment Plan Coordinator

  • Emily E

Administrative Assistant / Referral and OR Coordinator

  • Kate N